San Diego Dispensary Insurance

We insure Dispensaries, Cooperatives, Collectives, Physicians and Clinics, which are involved in the sale or the prescription of Medical Marijuana in the state of California.

If you run a marijuana business, then having proper insurance coverage in place is crucial to get a city permit, rent an office, and operate on a daily basis. Fire, theft, regulation and natural disasters are some of the common things that affect businesses on a regular basis.

We offer several policy options allowing you to have either a comprehensive policy or a policy with only the necessary coverage to satisfy your landlord. Our policies are tailored towards the medical marijuana retail store owner and provide great coverage, affordable rates and flexible payment plans.

We offer dispensaries:

– General Liability Coverage

– Product Liability Coverage: Coverage if you are sued by a customer that becomes ill from eating an edible purchased at your store.

– Employee Dishonesty Coverage

– Medical Marijuana Dispensary Workers Comp Insurance to help pay for employee injuries while at work.

– Computer and Business Personal Property Coverage

– Property Insurance and Business Property Coverage

– Tenant Improvements for all the money you put into building out your location

– Business Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Coverage if you deliver an/or transport you medical marijuana or related cannabis products.